LINUX : Installing Erlang

Create directories for Erlang

~]# mkdir /usr/local/erlang
~]# mkdir /usr/local/erlang/<version:otp_r15b>

Untar the archive into the directory you just created

otp_r15b]# tar -zxvf otp_src_<version:R15B>.tar.gz  


otp_src_R15B]# ./configure

make and make install

otp_src_R15B]# make
otp_src_R15B]# make install

Set Path

otp_src_R15B]# vim /etc/profile

Add following lines to the end of the file.

ERL_TOP=/usr/local/lib/erlang; export ERL_TOP
PATH=$ERL_TOP/bin:$PATH; export PATH

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